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Wigs are delicate due to the nature of the fibres with which they are made and therefore they will become frizzy after a period of time. This time is dependant upon how much the wig is used, its method of storage, and the type of curl involved, the amount of pulling/bouncing/perspiring that the dancer does and the style of dress (diamonds or no diamonds!).

Straighter curls tend to last longer than the ringlet curls, with the exception of the Feis Fayre Shannon Wig, which is pre sprayed. We do not offer refunds or exchanges on wigs due to them becoming frizzy as this is a natural occurrence, however if you follow our suggested guidelines below, it should help to maintain the wig for longer.

  • When removing your wig from the bag to wear, give it a slight shake to loosen any curls which may have come caught during storage.
  • Do not allow wig to be worn for prolonged periods of time; In the rain; In humid conditions.
  • Avoid pulling at the curls or allowing others to do so.
  • Avoid dress shoulders with diamonds, which will catch the longer wigs, under these circumstances consider covering diamonds with clear material or purchasing a bun wig.
  • Use the larger hair clips and fewer if possible.
  • Be careful with the crowns/tiaras and headbands, these pull at the curls and cause them to go frizzy.
  • If your wig is too long, or has become frizzy in parts, trim with a pair of small scissors, its amazing how good it will look when tidied up.
  • Do not use hairspray on your wig, it will dry up the fibres.
  • When dancing is over, remove the wig, give it a good shake, put it back in the net, use paper for the cap and put back into the bag. Press down on the bag to remove all the air before the bag is sealed. Use a wig box or shoe box to keep the wig in.

Please note wigs are non refundable or exchangeable so if you require help with your colour please don’t hesitate to contact the shop and we will help you out.